Q: Where can I find Loopies near me?

A: Loopies Toys are sold in high end pet specialty shops nationwide.  If your local pet shop doesn’t carry Loopies, let us know and we’ll help you find what you’re looking for.  Click here to contact us directly or, call 888-Loopies (566-7437)

Q: How durable are Loopies?

A: While we all know that “plush” fabric is not indestructible, it can still be frustrating if your pet finds joy in killing every squeaker it meets or in showering your carpet with stuffing.  The good news is that it means that he’s enjoying the toy and having a blast!  The better news is that we can help you teach your pet to keep their favorite toys even longer.

Try some of these ideas:

  1. Upon coming home with a new Loopies, try not to “hand” the toy to your dog but instead THROW it for a game of fetch.  This will reinforce more gentle play.
  2. If fetching doesn’t help and chewing begins anyway try using voice commands to help teach your dog to stop chewing.  “Easy” or “drop” are effective commands that can help teach a dog when you’re not happy with chewing behavior.
  3. If you notice any damage to the toy be sure to take it away from your dog.  Never allow a dog to play with a damaged toy.  Taking the toy upon damaging can also help teach your dog that if he chews it, he may lose it!  
  4. If all else fails and your dog just REALLY loves to find and destroy a squeaker, then try choosing a Loopies with multiple squeakers like the six squeaker “Sound Chip” Loopies or the Loopies Ice-biter Fishbones or the double-backing corduroy Loopies Dragons.

Before you know it one of these training tips will result in success and your dog will not only play with his or her Loopies but might even sleep with it or carry it around like a best friend.