Our Story

Loopies® were inspired by a documentary on why we are attracted to certain visual elements. It said that we naturally find symmetry attractive, which made us wonder if dog toys based on symmetry would be as attractive to their eyes as they are to ours.

In 2001, we set out to create a line of irresistible dog toys based on this theory. We wanted them to appeal to their primitive instincts as well as your advanced sense of style. So, we started with sketches of brightly colored, symmetrical shapes. Those evolved into the distinctive, six-loop design we still use today, which offers lots of places to grab onto when playing fetch and tug-of-war. Then, we crafted them out of soft, durable, quality materials because they had to feel good in their mouths, be gentle on their teeth and last a long time.

We knew we were onto something when our founder and her dog Bailey were playing with an early prototype on the beach. Other people’s dogs saw the colorful, symmetrical toy, joined in the fun and one of them ran off with it! We never got that one back, but we gained a ton of confidence that dogs everywhere would love our uniquely shaped toys.

Since then, we’ve added a full line of multifunctioning dog toys — plus a line of toys devoted to our furry, feline friends!

We hope that Loopies bring you and your pet lots of happiness. Look for them in finer pet boutiques throughout the US. And if you have any questions, please give us a howl.